One thought on “June 5, 2017
Cin. subc. ‘Van Lochem’, pratense ‘Black ‘n White Army’and pratense ‘Evensong’

  1. This Geranium is a hybrid between a form of G. subcaulescens collected in the Peloponnese and another Geranium collected from the summit of Mount Kitheronas in Central Greece. For many years the Kitheronas Geranium was said to be a form of G. subcaulescens but after 18 years Kit Tan at the Flora Hellenica team in Copenhagen has now identified it as G. subacutum, previously thought to be a Turkish endemic. This Geranium has pale pink flowers, is mat forming and goes summer dormant on its mountain in Greece.
    Thanks to Kit Tan, ‘Van Lochem’ is no longer a G. subcaulescens form but is in fact Geranium subcaulescens x Geranium subacutum.

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