cinereum Jumping Jewel Violet

G. cinereum ‘Jumping Jewel Violet’ (A – C) photo ↑
(Complete Jolly Jewel® serie owned by: Marco van Noort Breeding)

G. cinereum ssp subargenteum ‘Sonale’ (A – C)

G. collinum ‘Uzbek form’ (A – C)

G. x cantabrigiense ‘Hanne’ (A – C) – replacement

G. ‘Foundling’ (D – J)

G. x oxonianum ‘Celine’ (N – Platypetalum)

G. x oxonianum ‘Kate Moss’ (N – Platypetalum)

G. x oxonianum ‘Wageningen’ (N – Platypetalum)

G. sanguineum ‘Hannelore’ (Prelude – Saxatile)


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